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The most convenient, efficient,

and cost effective way to do laundry

East Kootenay Regional Laundry provides the highest quality Commercial Laundry service in the Kootenay's


We go the extra mile for our clients, working 24/7 365 days of the year.

Call today to schedule your pickup times: 250-489-1606

how ekrl works:



An experienced professional laundry service manager will make an appointment to come and see you. They are there to assess and help you define your laundry needs and the best service available for your business.We can customize your quote to suit you, a solution unique to your circumstances.




Our experience delivery drivers are used to the Kootenay weather and will drive through sleet, snow and stormy days to get to you on time. They will maintain a professional attitude and promptly pick up your laundry at the previously agreed on time and place. Our fleet of modern trucks is on the road 7 days a week. We also pick up at helicopter landing sights and logging camps for our more remote customers.




If it can be cleaned we will do it! There is nothing our staff likes better than a challenge and at EKR we pride ourselves on stain removal. Using the latest technology and our dedicated laundry staff,we can clean everything from wedding dresses to the dirtiest of coal mine coveralls , and everything in between. Your linen is never washed with another customers. It is tagged and tracked from pick up through wash , dry and folding until it is back in your hands.




We understand that it is important to have your goods returned not only clean and fresh, but promptly. Your service rep will set up a schedule for according to your needs, and we will get it there on time. Need it back sooner? We will do everything in our power to send out a truck anytime you need a express delivery. by operating 7 days a week we can accommodate unexpected needs of our customers. Need it back today?

Overnight? Just Call EKR Laundry. WE GOT THIS !


Free pick-up/delivery on your first commercial order.

why ekrl?

The benefits of outsourcing your laundry:


Saving You Stress, Time and Money


Businesses today are embracing the option of outsourcing their laundry.   Your business has enough on their plate in today’s economy to deal with without having to spend the time, money and energy required to set up, manage and staff a laundry facility. Do what you do best and leave the laundry to us!


A dedicated laundry service delivers quality, professionally cleaned laundry to their customers. Our private laundry plant offers top notch service. We use the latest technology and new, clean, energy efficient machines.


We source the best and most environmentally safe products available today. Our modern clean plant is set up to deliver professional results exceeding industry standards.


We can pick up and deliver or you can drop it off to our easy access location on Cranbrook’s strip.  We even do minor sewing repairs on site. We can clean anything from the most delicate of your linens to the dirtiest of coveralls.


Our staff takes great pride in keeping your whites white and the stains gone.  We provide a personal laundry advisor to each customer and you will have access to this person 365 days a year.


Call East Kootenay Regional Laundry at 250-489-1606 to have an advisor meet and assess how we can make life better for you.

Hotels and Lodges


EKR Laundry services the hotels and lodges of the East Kootenay's. From big to small we can take the pressures of operating a laundry off your plate. By outsourcing your laundry, you can free up staff, space, time and money to dedicate to your hospitality business. We have a great record in caring for linen, returning your laundry on time and bright and clean. Your laundry is never washed with another hotel’s linens. We process each order separately and have it put away and machines cleaned before starting the next order. From crisp ironed sheets and pillowcases to fluffy soft towels, we care about your linen.


Restaurants and Catering Companies


We can clean and press your tablecloths and napkins, chef’s coats, aprons and even your kitchen rags. Table skirts, chair covers, we have even cleaned event tents! Our laundry staff works hard at producing great results and love the challenge of a spaghetti or wine stain! 24 hr turnaround is the norm.


Spas, Gyms, Massage Therapists


At EKR Laundry we understand small business and customer service. We can disinfect and clean your laundry, sending it back bright and clean smelling, without perfumed smells that can cause allergic reactions. We offer a pick-up and delivery service, whether you need daily or weekly laundry service. We can launder your towels, lab coats, slippers, or you can rent them from us.


Medical Labs, Clinics, Care Homes


EKR Laundry can help free up time, space and money for your business. Our dedicated laundry staff understands your need for clean, disinfected, stain free laundry.


For a professional look to your lab coats, uniforms, bed linens, drape cloths, etc., leave the laundry to the professionals. We pride ourselves on our personal customer service. We at EKR Laundry understand each business has its own unique needs and we strive to provide a service that addresses your needs. We provide each customer with their own personal laundry advisor. We also do personal laundry through our JJ’S Laundry Depot division.


Auto Repair, Machine Shops, Mining Companies, Logging Companies


Our coverall service can clean even the dirtiest of clothes and coveralls. Car seat covers, drop cloths, car covers, if its dirty we will wash it for you. Mending is available on site. We offer pick up and deliver options or you can drop off at the laundry plant. If its dirty, get it to EKR Laundry and we will get it back to you clean! The laundry staff at EKR Laundry will never wash your laundry with anyone else's. We believe in personal customer service and are here to help you with any laundry needs you have. Don’t worry about your laundry, we got this!


Why ERK Laundry?

Commercial Laundry Services

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